Calm Before the Migration Storm?

A quick update here.  This morning was an absolutely pleasant morning to be up a the Green Tower at Indiana Dunes State Park.  The winds were very light from the southwest to begin the morning.  By lunch time the winds were still light, but shifting to the west and subsequently northwest.  You could feel the lake breeze cooling the dunes when the winds would shift back and forth during the late morning.

Relaxing in the pleasant conditions today. Today's count was joined by Alex and John Forsythe.

9,459 birds were carefully counted, with robins, blackbirds, and grackles again dominating the count.  Other highlights included Northern Pintail, White-winged Scoters, Great Black-backed Gulls, another 1,000 Sandhill Cranes, and Common Redpolls.

As to be predicted, the northerly shift in winds reduced any potential raptor flight to nil.  Less than 30 raptors were logged today.  Tomorrow however promises to bring great green tower conditions, with SE winds and a high near 80 degrees.  A good count tomorrow may push the season tally over 100,000 birds!


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