Longshore Flight: Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2, provided an untypical easterly wind for the longshore flight.  Statistically, south and west winds bear larger longshore flights and today again proved this.  This doesn’t mean no flight occurred, as we still logged 888 birds for the morning.

Little to no waterfowl were seen moving this morning, albeit except for 11 Red-throated Loons and 5 Common Loons.

72 birds of prey was the best morning we have had an several weeks, but far from the base birds that anymore signifies even a weak movement.  The flight today was headed by 32 Red-tailed Hawks and 14 Sharp-shined Hawks.  With the hawks, and most notable for the day was 51 Sandhill Cranes.  While low compared to last month, these 51 birds helped boost our season total to over 25,000 cranes!

It did turn out to be a swallow kind of a day, as the two new species added to the season tally were Northern Rough-winged Swallow and 3 Barn Swallow.  They joined 33 Tree Swallows over the high dune.

Blackbirds, cowbirds, and robins rounded out the rest of today’s cast.  Winter finches made a return to the list with a singleton Pine Siskin seen today.

With any luck tomorrow looks to bring more southerly winds, even if just for a day.  Hopefully tonight’s radar will bring a little push and some more new arrivals to the dunes area.


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