Final Tally: 285,383 birds

As of today, May 31, our first official longshore flight bird survey has come to completion.  We had held out hope that the weather the last few days would bring some final south winds, but alas they have not.  Today is cloudy, drizzling, and 52 degrees on the lakefront.  A few Canada Warblers continue to … Continue reading Final Tally: 285,383 birds


#212 and #213

Friday, May 25 brought cool weather to the dunes.  A northwest wind cooled the land before the big heat wave that will settle in for the holiday weekend.  In fact with gusting winds, temperatures actually dropped throughout today's count.  Despite this, 1,610 birds migrated past the site today. Birds number 212 and 213 went past … Continue reading #212 and #213

Signs of Winding Down?

Today, Wednesday May 23 brought another push of south winds into the dunes area.  This current stream of weather holds promise of a return to unseasonable 90 degree warmth by the weekend.  The birds don't seem to mind it much in flight, as they continue overhead. While numbers don't seem incredibly high, especially from totals … Continue reading Signs of Winding Down?

Do Waxwings Melt?

Saturday, May 19 brought another hot and sultry day to the dunes.  Strong south winds allowed for more Blue Jay and Waxwings to stream over the high dunes.  Large flights would occur, while early season beach goers (and a metal detecting event) would flood to the beach, unbeknownst to the ornithological event occurring just above them. A … Continue reading Do Waxwings Melt?

Summer Time?

Friday, May 18 brought the first taste of south winds since late last week.  Though southeast, with more southerly winds tomorrow, there was a noticeable increase in migrating birds.  The south winds also brought warmer temperatures, with morning lows now longer in the 40s, but mid 50s today.  The dune top would warm to 80+ degrees before … Continue reading Summer Time?

Catching Up

It's been a whirlwind week for writing blogs.  It's been a good thing that north winds have been set in place for most of the week, as many birds would have been back logged from being reported here. The annual Indiana Audubon Society Big May Day Count resulted in many birders scouring the county, but … Continue reading Catching Up


Thursday, May 10 was an absolutely fabulous day to be out and about.  Despite an early chill, the day warmed up nicely, and bird activity in the park continued into the afternoon hours. Starting calm, winds quickly turned southwest (though very light) for an hour, before the lake breeze and continued northwest winds took over … Continue reading Waiting

Slow Ticking in the Wrong Winds

With variable winds (aka not south), the longshore flight grinds down to a trickle.  This trickle, however, can't be ignored when it's May.  Too many migrant possibilities exist that draw the counters to the dune top.  Statistically for the dunes (per Ken Brock), the peak of warbler migration is May 13.  Today is the statistical … Continue reading Slow Ticking in the Wrong Winds

A Few Season Milestones

Today, a dreary Monday, May 7, 2012, brought little in a the way of a morning flight.  Scattered rain showers and squall lines dotted the radar, stunting the total flight that could be counted.  72 species and 1,258 individual birds were logged from the old Green Tower site. Despite the rain showers, we again added … Continue reading A Few Season Milestones

Recapping the Weekend

The longshore flight did not occur on Cinco de Mayo due to the north winds that quickly enveloped the region Friday afternoon.  In fact, this cold front brought local temperaures into the mid 40s by Friday evening, while most of the southern part of the state was in the mid 70s at the same time! … Continue reading Recapping the Weekend