200,000 Birds Already!

The seemingly never ending north wind blow continued into today.  With a nearly pure north wind, temperatures were again well below freezing today.  Without the trees to the northwest to block the wind, birding was chilly today.

Again, the north winds proved difficult to predict.  While overall diversity remained low, it was the blackbirds leading the charge today.  Well to south of the green tower site, an amazing 40,854 Red-winged Blackbirds streamed by.  This total is the lakefront’s third highest count.

Aside from the blackbirds, no other bird took any major high counts.  Few ducks were seen, with exeption for the season’s common White-winged Scoter.  799 Sandhill Cranes showed proof that their migration is still going on.  Three Common Redpolls also gave evidence that they’re still around the dunes area.

Add in these birds today, and we now have 213,836 birds for the season!  We’ve now surpassed the 2012 count by this date!  A wind shift after midnight will usher in some south winds and another possible good count tomorrow.  Perhaps… the flickers will start.


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