Weekend Wrap Up


This past weekend wasn’t quite what we expected.  Well, half the weekend wasn’t what we had anticipated.  Saturday looked to be good.  There was a decent overnight flight seen on the radar, but dawn conditions spoke otherwise.  Saturday’s flight was nearly dead.  Counters waited several hours, anxiously waiting for a late flight to get started.  Dawn was promising with the song of multiple migrating Henslow’s Sparrows in the Trail 3 prairie south of the longshore site.  A quick Indigo Bunting and Ruby-throated Hummingbird just after dawn also gave promise.  By 10am, all counters had thrown in the towel for the day and birded sites south in search of spring migration.

Sunday, however was expected to be quiet.  Forecasted north winds would bring colder lake water over the warming dunes, resulting in fog.  Fog came as promised.  No birds.

Predicting the next couple days will be tricky, but in essence, here’s our forecast.  A dense fog advisory is in place for the Lake Michigan coastline through 4am.  Winds shift after midnight.  This shift will help move the fog back off shore.  Monday morning may be interesting in terms of new arriving birds, in addition to existing birds not being able to migrate out overnight.  Monday could be both a good day for a longshore flight, as well as birding inland areas of the park.  Tuesday should also be very good.  With stronger winds, we’ll be watching what kind of hawkwatch also develops.  With late April and early May, no matter the wind speeds, lots of birds are migrating!






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