Indiana Audubon’s Fall Festival!

What can be a better highlight to a fall birding season than a fall birding festival!  There isn’t a fall birding festival in the dunes every fall, but this year there is.  The Indiana Audubon Society, one of the oldest Audubon societies in the country, is hosting their annual fall festival in the dunes.  This annual event moves locations every year and in 2013, it happens to be here.

The state park staff get a special chance to highlight the longshore flight work with a special program Friday night.  “Birding the Longshore Flight” will offer a glimpse into the first two years of bird counts being done at the new Bird Observation Platform.  On Saturday, there are special birding tours, including a chance to climb the new bird observation platform.  Afternoon speakers will offer a diverse offering of bird related talks.

Clipboard03The keynote speaker is Drew Lanham.  The keynote “Connecting the Conservation Dots: Seeing Beyond the Birds” will focus on how birders can maximize the efforts to conserve the avifauna and habitats we all love so dearly. Drew will provide a history of wildlife conservation in America and how the efforts grew from our abuse of and cultural love for feathered things. His talk will expound on the historical successes and current failures in conservation and how we might best approach future challenges if birds and birding are to remain a part of our lives.  From that morning cup of coffee to killing birds with kindness, it will be a keynote that will inform, invigorate, infuriate and hopefully inspire us all to greater conservation efforts.

Yellow-rumped Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler

More birding will be offered on Sunday, as well as bird banding from the Dunes State Park Nature Center.  If you want to join, and haven’t registered yet, hurry!  You only have two days left!  You can get more information at the Fall Festival Agenda Page and you can register at the Registration Page.


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