More on the Indiana Snowy Owl Invasion

If you love Snowy Owls, northwest Indiana is the place to be right now.  Folks in other parts of the state are just finally getting a taste of what we've been experiencing for the past month or so.  It's simply the largest incursion of Snowy Owls into the state that we have ever witnessed.  That … Continue reading More on the Indiana Snowy Owl Invasion


Lakeshore Fall Summary

Winter officially began yesterday, Saturday, December 21.  The solstice, the shortest day of the year, began at 11:11am local time.  While winter will settle in, the days will get longer, and chances to see birds will increase!  Especially so for those stuck working until the sun sets currently.  We've certainly been feeling winter's early chill … Continue reading Lakeshore Fall Summary

Winter Bird Count Keeps the Birding Excitement Going

One of the great aspects of birding the Dunes is the constant supply of good birds.  When most folks have thoughts of hanging up their binoculars until spring, rare and unique birds provide lakefront birders a chance to keep up the birding excitement, not just through December, but through the entire wintertime. One great way … Continue reading Winter Bird Count Keeps the Birding Excitement Going

Snowy Owl Invasion Becomes Official

A few years ago, Indiana birders enjoyed a decent flight of Snowy Owls.  The winter of 2011/2012 saw 46 individuals reported.  It beat the previous record Snowy Owl flight when 40 were counted during the winter of 1996/1997.  It was a memorable flight that made news across the nation.  Snowy Owl's invaded much of the … Continue reading Snowy Owl Invasion Becomes Official