Tale of Two Owls

A reporter called today.  He was with a radio station down in Indy and when it came to wintering animals, our division of communication staff thought us in the dunes would be the best to talk to in regards to toughing out the cold!  I had plenty of stories of heat pad stuffed thermal underwear … Continue reading Tale of Two Owls


Dead of Winter

Birding the Dunes is an easy place to promote.  When most places go quiet after the fall migration, binoculars can be literally put on the shelf until spring returns.  The Dunes offers the birding opportunities year round.  However, if you were to throw the towel one month of the year, February maybe the one.  As … Continue reading Dead of Winter

50 days

No major winter bird story to report, but this recent sunset shot this week reminded us that we're only 50 days away from the 2014 Longshore Flight Survey.  Weather dependent, we should be counting the first waves of blackbirds, grackles, and robins sometime during the first week of March.  Until then, the beach is locked … Continue reading 50 days

Gregarious Gulls

For many casual bird enthusiasts in NW Indiana, countless hours can be spent learning the both rare and interesting bird species to be had in the dune woods, wetlands, prairies, and immediate lakeshore.  Gaining appreciation for the simple "seagull" won't often occur right away.  For some birders, it may take years before a genuine interest … Continue reading Gregarious Gulls

A New Year for Birding the Dunes (and a little Snowy update)

The Indiana Dunes area is a spectacular birding area.  Over 360 species of birds have been logged along the shore of Lake Michigan in Indiana. The north-south orientation of the lake creates a funnel effect in the fall, as birds migrate along the east and west shores. In the spring, birds pile up on the … Continue reading A New Year for Birding the Dunes (and a little Snowy update)