Snowy Theater Drawing to a Close

Whether birder or not, this winter's Snowy Owl invasion has been one of great joy for many Northwest Indiana residents.  It's introduced a large number of folks to not just Snowy Owls, but to the world of birds.  No simple Hedwig.  These birds have given awe to hundreds of visitors that have sought them out. … Continue reading Snowy Theater Drawing to a Close


Longshore Season Starts Soon!

No new birds to report right now.  However, this spot will soon get very busy with clouds of migrating birds.  The 2014 Longshore Count season is scheduled to begin in less than two weeks.  If the birds start moving and temperatures warm some, we may begin as soon as March 9, 2014.  What will be … Continue reading Longshore Season Starts Soon!

Are you a Dunes Birder?

Are you a birdwatcher?  Are you a birder?  Is there a difference?  What impact do birders have in the economy of the dunes area?  All are important questions to ask.  It's these questions that when answered, provide some of the needed backbone behind conservation initiatives.  Quite simply, money talks.  It's this reason that the most … Continue reading Are you a Dunes Birder?

Great Lakes’ Divers

You may hear birders speak of "spark birds."  Spark birds are those species or individuals that stimulate a serious interest in more serious birding.  For some, that bird experience may be their first foray into birding... a species they have never seen, nor do they know what it is.  For others, there was some initial … Continue reading Great Lakes’ Divers

Sibley Supports Project Owlnet

One of the most popular birding events that goes on at the Indiana Dunes State Park is the annual fall Saw-whet Owl banding.  It's unlikely any regular reader here hasn't heard or participated in a banding night.  Our station is perhaps the most visited in the Great Lakes region in terms of total visitors and … Continue reading Sibley Supports Project Owlnet

Winter Movement in the Dunes

A great thing about birding the dunes is the seasonal and monthly changes that never make birding here monotonous.  If you're disappointed about not seeing an invasion of a certain species, a new one will appear and leave us wondering what spurred their irruption.  A few winters ago, we watched in awe as hundreds of … Continue reading Winter Movement in the Dunes