Rain Delay (and winter lakefront report)

Wednesday, March 19 brought strong rains into the region.  Rain has not been something we’ve seen.  Any precipitation has been snow, so it was very spring like, though not productive for a bird flight.   In pouring rain, only 1,100 birds were counted.  No new spring arrivals today.

There is however, birding info to give out.  The famous Brock lakefront reports detail the previous season’s best birding.  Ken Brock’s Winter Lakefront Report is now online and captures a cold winter season in the dunes.  The report can be downloaded at the Northwest Indiana Migratory Bird Website.  An added extra in this season’s winter report is the the most comprehensive tracking of each Snowy Owl that was seen in Indiana during the last winter season.  It is likely that a few owls were missed, but the report shows over 100 Snowy Owls that were witnessed.

Another neat story worth telling is the installation of the dunes’ first Osprey towers.  Yesterday, a team from NIPSCO came out and installed two towers that hopefully will be seen by a pair of migrating Osprey this spring.  You can check out the towers in the state park.  One is behind the Wilson Shelter, while the other is on E State Park Boundary Road (Kemil Dr).  Here’s some photos from yesterday.

Osprey Tower Installation.  March 18, 2014.
Osprey Tower Installation. March 18, 2014.

photo 1

photo 2 photo 3


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