Wrapping up April

April 30 continued the third straight day of warm, moist air blowing in.  Birds have been forced to dodge rain storms, but a stalled out front has allowed for continuing migration, while overnight radar to our west show a shutdown system.  The last few days have been a nice save to another cold month.  While … Continue reading Wrapping up April


Burning off the Fog

The weather lately has been difficult to predict big flights.  Many small longshore counts have been conducted the last few days, but we haven't posted any full lists.  In fact, we haven't had a real good 5,000+ bird day since April 20.  Yet, here we are staring May 1 in it's face.  May won't bring … Continue reading Burning off the Fog

Swainson’s Hawk!

Warm air and humidity spilled into the region today and allowed a few good birds to slip into the area.  Unfortunately, the 5 day forecast doesn't look too good for any huge influxes of migrating birds.  But, today's dune daily download will likely keep the area habitats with worthy birds to seek out through the … Continue reading Swainson’s Hawk!

Diversity Knocking on the Door

The Longshore flight count for Monday, April 21 finally gave hint at the greater spring migration that's been hidden just south of us all spring.  It was the warmest start, and warmest day of the season.  Dawn was absolutely gorgeous and the southerly breeze felt good to the face at 60 degrees.  Though generally cloudy, … Continue reading Diversity Knocking on the Door

Easter Egg Hunt

From atop the Dunes Bird Observation Platform, anyone visiting today had a pleasant bird's eye view of a beautiful early spring dune landscape.  Off in the distance daffodils are flowering in front yards and children are exhibiting a high addiction to a plastic colored egg.  Back at the park, a steady stream of Easter weekend … Continue reading Easter Egg Hunt

The Perils for a Little Piper

He's flown 1,500 miles returning the promise that began 9 months earlier.  Migration, the promise to return.  For a tiny Piping Plover, completing that promise is no easy task.  With only 6,200 of your kind, it's amazing they're all able to avoid predators, find food, dodge weather systems.  All of which doesn't acknowledge the countless … Continue reading The Perils for a Little Piper

The Longshore Mixed Bag

Another longshore flight, another video for you today!  Today, April 17, brought a little rebound in both temperatures and total number of birds.  For the day 67 species totalling 4,549 birds were counted.  It was a little mixed bag of birds today.  A little highlight from each bird group. From the lake, 9 lingering  White-winged … Continue reading The Longshore Mixed Bag

Raptor River over the Dunes

After two days off, south winds returned for another longshore flight today, April 16th.  During the break, another cold spell swept through.  Birders Tuesday morning awoke to an inch of snow.  I guess at this point we shrug it off.  Given the winter we've had, we kind of expected to see snow in April too. … Continue reading Raptor River over the Dunes

Wind Block

Aside from the birding, another great feature for those that live on the southern rim of Lake Michigan is the mighty influence that 1,040 cubic miles of water has on the landscape. One really can't take too much faith in the weather forecast anyway.  Wind shifts can warm or cool the land, bring unexpected rain … Continue reading Wind Block