Long-tailed Duck Show Continues

A quicker update today.  Winds overnight remained quite calm, slowly shifting from SE to E to NE at dawn.  The winds would be north the rest of the day and temperatures struggled to reach 45 degrees.  Intermittent rain slowly made it’s way into the dunes area in the afternoon.

The species total was only 1/2 of yesterday.  47 species were logged, with a total individual count of 4,705 birds.  New to the scene were the first Purple Martin of the year, as well as the first Hermit Thrush.  Not at the tower site, but other birders also logged a couple Louisiana Waterthrush today in the dunes area.  Spring marches forward.

The obvious highlight is the increasing Long-tailed Duck rafts offshore.  After yesterday’s record count, a new 60 year high of 486 Long-tailed Ducks were logged today.  Simply amazing!

Brendan’s full list is below:

Canada Goose 1
Wood Duck 1
American Wigeon 1
Mallard 1
Northern Shoveler 3
Northern Pintail 11
Green-winged Teal 13
Redhead 2
Lesser Scaup 45
White-winged Scoter 5
Long-tailed Duck 486
Bufflehead 63
Red-breasted Merganser 18
Red-throated Loon 31
Common Loon 35
Horned Grebe 6
Red-necked Grebe 6
Double-crested Cormorant 15
Great Blue Heron 4
Northern Harrier 2
Cooper’s Hawk 1
Killdeer 3
Bonaparte’s Gull 3
Great Black-backed Gull 6
Caspian Tern 5
Belted Kingfisher 1
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 1
Northern Flicker 22
Eastern Phoebe 1
Purple Martin 1
Tree Swallow 22
Brown Creeper 1
Golden-crowned Kinglet 6
Hermit Thrush 1
American Robin 113
European Starling 20
Eastern Towhee 2
American Tree Sparrow 8
Chipping Sparrow 2
Field Sparrow 1
Fox Sparrow 3
Dark-eyed Junco 10
Red-winged Blackbird 2323
Eastern Meadowlark 2
Rusty Blackbird 2
Common Grackle 1295
American Goldfinch 1

P.s.  This is the 150th blog post we have written since we started documenting the bird migration in the Indiana Dunes.  The first post was in February 2012.  Thanks everyone for the 30,000+ views since we started!


One thought on “Long-tailed Duck Show Continues”

  1. Thank you for the informative and pleasant blog. I look forward to it and maybe after the 15th can come out to see the flights.
    Jeannine Calderon

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