Warbler Tease

Today, Wednesday, April 23 brought the second day of north winds.  Even though the winds were lighter than yesterday, the still cold water of Lake Michigan blanketed the area with cold air.  Temperatures didn’t break 40 degrees, versus the 50 degrees fifteen  miles south in Valparaiso.

The great thing about cold snaps by this point in the spring is that there are still migrating birds here to be found.  Even on cold mornings, warblers, vireos, thrushes, and more can still be found trying to find much needed migration fuel.  Hikes in areas near water, such as Dunes SP, Trail 2, Beverly Shores, Cowle’s Bog, and the Heron Rookery can find birds feeding near the relatively warmer water, where insect hatchings are congregated.

ref-cg-0375709665-m_originalNo count was done today with the cold temperatures and wind, but check out the cool video of a few warblers seen in the area today.  We’ll do a drawing Friday and give away a Sibley Birding Basics guide among those that comment below with the correct ID of the three warblers captured on film today.



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