Migration Staging… somewhere

Our second day of the longshore flight season showed promise, but would ultimately fizzle out.  While temperatures are telling us spring is coming, we may not always appreciate the effort and work the birds must do to arrive here in the dunes.  Snowstorms to the south of us in previous weeks have snow melt that must occur downstate before birds can make it up our way.  No doubt there have been birds moving down south, but they have yet to arrive here yet, or have staged just south, where the ice melt has not occurred.  Cranes are a good example.  The weekend was full of migrating Sandhill Crane reports in both Tennessee and Kentucky.  Tree Swallows have marched their way north quite a bit too in recent days.

Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk

Today’s count ended with 970 birds on the warmest day yet (47 degrees at end time).  Much of the same birds as yesterday, with Red-breasted Mergansers dominating the flight.  White-winged Scoters (35) were again notable, as were a good count (94) of Horned Larks.  Where did our Red-winged Blackbirds stand today?  Well 19 wasn’t too high, but better than the single bird seen yesterday.

Tomorrow looks to be one of the better days of the week before a brief north wind cool down on Wednesday.

On a side note, here’s a comment we received that you  may have missed….
“Loyce Fandrei says:
For those interested, Trumpeter Swans are still being seen at Roxanna Marsh. One has a neck band (71E) which I turned in to USGS last month. It was still there today, 3/8/15. The certificate says it was banded in Wisconsin in Sept. of 2011, but was too young to fly or be sexed at that time.”


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