More Birds for Early March

For the third consecutive day, an excellent longshore flight ensued.  With warm winds again overnight, more migrants continued their flight into Indiana and beyond.  Though not as heavy as the previous days, any 10,000+ bird day is indicative of a good longshore movement.  For the day, March 9th, 17,805 bird flew past and were identified to species.  54 species were seen.  Since beginning the count this season, we’ve now logged over 67,000 birds.  We’ve never counted this many birds before March 10.  In many years, the birds have not even begun moving yet!

As has been the broken record the last few days, ducks were again diverse, but not necessarily high in numbers.  We suspect this will be the case through the rest of spring, as warm conditions really haven’t forced as many waterfowl south and many divers simply wintered on the northern great lakes and we’rent forced down here or further south.  For the third consecutive day, Red-throated Loons continued to build.  24 today was the season’s high thus far.

The usual players all posted good, but not record counts.  Cranes were a fraction of yesterday’s massive count, with 1,061 birds.  Killdeer still posted a top ten dunes count with 325 birds.  The first Flicker went by and we hope they’ll be exciting again come early April.  Tree Swallows increased to 20 birds, truly a sign of spring!

The bird of the day, perhaps, was a single flyby Common Redpoll.  Having been quite scarce this winter, they are good to see.  However, we typically log them even in scarce winters on their return back north.

Wind direction today (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday).  Taken from

The winds today were south, but you can see on the maps above that a shift is coming and the second map shows tomorrow.  No doubt it will shut down any migration to a trickle, though one should expect a few birds trying anyway if the winds are low enough.

Read the complete eBird checklist here.  




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