Today, March 24, was a bust in terms of a productive longshore flight.  Temperatures were a very comfortable 58 degrees at start up, but predicted storms moved in quickly, squashing all hope for a nice movement in the warm, moist air.  For the brief hour of movement this morning however, things were hopeful of what would have been a nice flight.  Robins were booking between sprinkles, landing to feed or wait out the rain, then resuming again when they had a chance.

For the brief hour count today, a surprising 3,045 birds were counted, comprising 38 species.  That’s about 50 birds a minute if you’re doing the math.  When rain came, visibility was hampered, resulting in very little waterfowl counted, and longer distance songbirds going unseen.

Northern Flicker

It was the third morning in a row where Caspian Tern went logged.  A day after our early bird appeared on 3/22, Lake Erie also logged their first tern of the season.  18 Northern Flickers and a lone sapsucker hinted that today might have been a good flicker flight. We’re in that window now where 200-600 in a day is quite possible.  Also noticable were a band of 4 Golden-crowned Kinglets feeding in the small woods next to the tower.  Them and a pair of phoebes were feeding on the recently grounded insects.

Visit the ebird list to read the day’s total bird list.

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