C’mon Clipper!

If you’ve haven’t read a good update from us in a while, there’s good reason.  We’re certainly not slacking on the reporting.  Unfortunately, we have nothing to report.  While birders scouring the dunes area may find some newly arriving birds trickling in, without south winds, the longshore flights are pretty much dead.  When good mornings produce 10,000 birds, north winds bring 100.  Recording 1% or less from normal isn’t much fun, especially when it’s cold.

Our last count was only an abbreviated count on April 3.   During this day, a chilly start warmed with good sunshine.  No passerine flight took shape, but about 50 hawks migrated past in four hours, including 4 Bald Eagles, an Osprey, and 2 Merlin.

Osprey past the longshore tower.

The scientific discussion of weather going forward still shows below normal highs lasting until at least next Friday, April 15.  Expect little counts to happen for the next week.  The exception may happen this upcoming Sunday, when we will have a brief period of south winds lasting until midnight. Unfortunately this south wind push is also bringing with it some solid rainfall predictions.  The chances are lower than recently at dawn, increasing through the day.  If you’re looking to see some longshore counts the next few days, Sunday will likely be your best bet.

Rarities like the Say’s Phoebe tend to be found at the tower in late April.  Photo from Wikipedia.

If you’re not at the tower, we’re entering a special period right now.  Many species will be entering the area come April 15.  Kinglets, Gnatcatchers, Kingbirds, and even early warblers like Pine, Yellow-throated, and Black-and-white Warblers should all be arriving.  Raptor migration features Broad-winged Hawks starting to enter the scene.  This is also the special period for rarities.  Say’s Phoebe, Upland Sandpiper, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, White-winged Dove are all late April birds to look for here.

The take home story is birds are still arriving and get out there and find them!


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