Flicker… and another…. and another….

Just a quick update on yesterday’s longshore flight for Friday, April 15, the day that used to be tax day.  Like the previous few days, winds were again east to southeast with a chilly start, but soon warming to the season’s hottest day thus far.  2,025 birds from 72 species were logged Friday.  It was the second most diverse day so far, but still lagging behind total counts, likely due to the current wind direction.  ‘

New for the season were Chimney Swift and Broad-winged Hawk.  Other highlights included 2 Lesser Scaup, 12 Red-throated Loons, 1 Merlin, 2 Pine Warblers feeding in the back prairie, away from the tower, and a real influx of Chipping Sparrows, with 30 being seen.

flicker tree
Hiding in the “Flicker Tree.” .

215 Northern Flickers swooped by.  Marking the third consecutive day of good movements.  While no records were broken, we have seen over 500 this week.

Winter finches, having been fairly absent this spring showed up today.  A single Pine Siskin and 3 Purple Finch were seen.

A little video clip of a Peregrine seen today is below, as well as some local cranes seen next door.  To see the full list, visit here.


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