Birdathon 2016

Cold winds and snow definitely put a hamper on the count yesterday.  The upcoming weather is not ideal, but we hope to get a few counts in this upcoming week.  

Until  then, we’re at it again!  The Northwest Indiana Migratory Bird Association will set out for another Birdathon in 2016!  In early May our team will be starting at 2:30am for owls, whippoorwills, and nighthawks, and race towards  the finish line, after dark, picking up raptors, shorebirds, and warblers along the way.

Clipboard02.jpgHow can you help raise money for dunes area bird conservation?  It’s easy!  Simply fill out the form on the bottom and send it in by May 5th (do it today, while it is on your mind!).  Last year our team found a team record 165 species of birds. If you had pledged a dime for each species, you would have $16.50…you get the idea!  If you want to challenge our team with an extra $5.00 for a specific bird, maybe your favorite rare bird, please do so. It’s a fun way to raise money for a very good cause. The full list of birds will be sent to all that pledge.   Your contribution is tax deductible as allowed by law.

Last year’s funds are helped to support the inaugural Indiana Dunes Birding Festival.   To pledge, visit here!