East Wind Hawkflight

If large totals have seemed lacking this spring, you're not alone in that observation.  The season's longshore flight has been noticably absent of 20,000 or 30,000 bird mornings.  The biggest culprit likely lies with the lack of south winds.  After a super warm February, March has been averaging 6 degrees cooler than last March.  The … Continue reading East Wind Hawkflight


5 Seconds of Sunshine

Despite the continued warm temperatures, the longshore flight for Saturday, March 25 brought a all around wet and dreary day.  A warm pocket of air persisted through the rain showers today to keep the dunes nearly muggy at one point.  If you look at the temperature heat maps of the region today you'll notice this … Continue reading 5 Seconds of Sunshine

Wind Swept – Longshore Flight 3/24/17

Friday, March 24 produced the best longshore flight of the season.  Without final Grube Magnitude Index numbers, the total diversity and abundance alone is enough for us to be fairly confident in today's flight.  This time the weatherman was right on.  Warm temperatures overnight brought a decent nocturnal flight, and the same continued southerly gusts … Continue reading Wind Swept – Longshore Flight 3/24/17

Never Trust Your Meteorolgist!

Today, Monday, March 20 saw the first good songbird flight of the 2017 longshore flight season.  It was a day that wasn't supposed to have a longshore flight.  As has been the case this past two weeks, any south winds have been accompanied by good rains that have essentially shut down any migration.  For the … Continue reading Never Trust Your Meteorolgist!

false start- 5 yard penalty

After a stellar pre season start with early migrating birds in February, March has brought some weather pretty anti-conducive to migration.  In fact, we've only done official longshore flight counts on March 5, March 6, March 8, and March 12 since the lions of March entered. The current forecast does not look to stellar for … Continue reading false start- 5 yard penalty

Official Start- Start the Bugles!

Today, March 5 marked the official start of the 6th annual Indiana Dunes longshore flight survey.  In typical fashion, waterfowl and gulls made up the most diversity this morning.  Some 15 species of waterfowl were recorded going by.  Viewing was difficult due to strong gales from atop the tower.  But the winds brough a balmy … Continue reading Official Start- Start the Bugles!