Like yesterday, the wind came from the East-Southeast, only this time about 2-3 times faster.  Occasionally a gust would blow through capable of blowing a scope over, I had to hold on tight to that tripod!  But here we are at day 2, and 2 new species are added for the season, 2 Black Scoters, and 12 Greater Scaup.  Today’s most interesting observation would probably be a behavioral observation.  A pair of Eastern Bluebirds checked out the nest box just North of the tower.  Just to confirm how territorial they can be, this pair of bluebirds decided it would be a good idea to chase the nearby juncos away.  If they stay around, it will be interesting to watch spring progress alongside with these next-door neighbors.

Today’s complete list… https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S43403757


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