Return of the Fish Crow.

Today at the tower at about 10:12 A.M., a crow flew west along the lakefront.  It couldn’t keep silent, it had to let the world know, that it was a Fish Crow.  Less than a minute later a similar looking crow flew in the same direction, but it apparently wanted to keep it’s identity a secret.  This is now the 2nd individual Fish Crow to be counted on the Indiana Dunes Longshore Flight Survey (the 1st was 4/25/2017).

The other rarest bird of the day was a rare subspecies.  A female Prairie Merlin was seen flying east.  Typically, the only subspecies of Merlin that we find around here is the Taiga Merlin.  This was also the 1st Merlin to be counted for the season.

A few other species had some pretty nice numbers today.  They were…

Greater White-fronted Goose 411

Sandhill Crane 3886

American Robin 3079

An Eastern Phoebe was also seen today.  In this area, this bird is truly a sign of Spring.

For the day, 8,764 individual birds were logged, comprising 44 species in an east, east-northeast wind.  We remain starved of any south winds for the season!  So today’s count was a refreshing mix of birds.

Here is today’s complete list… 


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