A new Wood Duck record.

Southerly winds today and yesterday provided us with some good movements of birds.  45 species were found yesterday, and 46 today.  There were no new species for the year yesterday, but a nice 8,781 individual birds were counted, 3861 of them being American Robins.  Yesterday’s list… https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S43981673

Today was very productive even in the light rain, that is until the visibility got so low that one couldn’t even see Lake Michigan from the tower.  3 new species were added for the season, they were: Great Egret, Golden-crowned Kinglet, & Eastern Towhee.  More individual American Robins passed by in less amount of time compared to yesterday; today’s 4323 of them is now their highest count for the season.  The number of Eastern Phoebes has gotten higher now that April is near, 8 were counted today.  Another significant number, is today’s count for Wood Duck.  46 were counted today, breaking the previous record of 36 (on 3/23/2016) for the highest day count ever for the tower site!

All these fun numbers and more can be viewed on today’s eBird checklist!



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