Final week of April.

The past three days have had very little migration movement due to the northeastern winds, but one new species was added for the year today, a House Wren.  On Sunday the 22nd, Brendan & Brad visited the tower themselves, and 2 new species were added on that day, Broad-winged Hawk & Long-eared Owl.  One Red Crossbill was also found on … Continue reading Final week of April.



When I arrived at the tower this morning, it was 27 degrees.  When I left the tower, it was 50!  It was nice that there really wasn't too much wind though, what little wind there was came from the NNE. The tower was visited today by Steve C. & Lynea H.. 70 species were seen … Continue reading 4/20/2018

76 species today!

Today, the diversity was high, but only 1 new species were added for the season, Tundra Swan.  Highlights from today include: 10 raptor species including a Short-eared Owl, a light morph Rough-legged Hawk, a good count of 25 Turkey Vultures and all three expectable falcons (American Kestrel, Merlin & Peregrine Falcon) including this Merlin eating what appears to … Continue reading 76 species today!

A review of the past 3 days.

What a week so far!  Sunday was very wet with rain, Monday had snow falling all day, and today winds came from the northwest.  The best highlight on Sunday would probably be the 3 Wild Turkeys that walked right by. This is Sunday's list... Monday was an interesting day.  Many birds have already made it to … Continue reading A review of the past 3 days.

4 all time high counts! Plus some honorable mentions.

With the winds pushing hard from the southwest all last night and all day today, today's numbers were nice and high!  67 species were observed and 14,918 birds counted, the sixth best flight day ever!  4 species had their highest count ever for this site today.  These species were: 79 Eastern Phoebes (a new STATE … Continue reading 4 all time high counts! Plus some honorable mentions.

Our first 60+ day of the year (species & Fahrenheit).

Today the temperature ranged from 38-60 degrees while at the tower, and the wind was coming from the southwest.  64 species were observed today, making this the highest species count on any day here this year so far.  9,861 birds were counted in total. Two species found today were firsts for the season here at … Continue reading Our first 60+ day of the year (species & Fahrenheit).

Snow day.

When I went to bed last night, the weather forecast called for a little snow overnight.  I figured like last time that none would stick to the ground.  Nope!  And it's still coming down!  Because of this, there was very little bird movement, however some of today's bird observations were interesting.  Since large flocks of … Continue reading Snow day.