Some totals for March…

Looking at March of 2018, this spring migration has been slower than most recent years.  Just looking at what I had at the tower last month, I had 91 species, and 42,180 individual birds.  Brad & Brendan’s outstanding 2 hours & 40 minutes that occurred on the 31st raised the month total to just under 100 species and approximately 60,680 birds.  This is lower than normal.

Today the winds started from the west and ended from the south, but it was a slow day probably due to cold temperatures (when I arrived it was 27).  Highlights included: 2 Red-throated Loons & 3 Common Loons, an adult Thayer’s Gull, 2 1st cycle Great-black Backed Gulls, 23 Caspian Terns (their highest count this season so far), a Merlin, and a small influx of Field Sparrows, one of which didn’t like the American Tree Sparrows being around.

The complete list from today can be viewed here…


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