4 all time high counts! Plus some honorable mentions.

With the winds pushing hard from the southwest all last night and all day today, today’s numbers were nice and high!  67 species were observed and 14,918 birds counted, the sixth best flight day ever!  4 species had their highest count ever for this site today.  These species were: 79 Eastern Phoebes (a new STATE record high count), 6 Brown Creepers, 6 Vesper Sparrows, 1,215 Brown-headed Cowbirds (Previous high was 986 on 4/4/2013), & 13 Brewer’s Blackbirds.

Honorable mentions include: 108 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers (the 3rd highest count here ever), 634 Northern Flickers (the 3rd highest count here ever), & 5,052 American Robins (this is apparently the 5th time 5,000 has been broken here).

New species for the year from today include: Wilson’s SnipeGreater YellowlegsChimney SwiftNorthern Rough-winged & Barn SwallowsBrown ThrasherPine Warbler, & Brewer’s Blackbird.

Here is the complete list… https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S44499724

And here is one of each of the 26 Purple Finches & 23 Eastern Bluebirds seen today.




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