76 species today!

Today, the diversity was high, but only 1 new species were added for the season, Tundra Swan.  Highlights from today include:

10 raptor species including a Short-eared Owl, a light morph Rough-legged Hawk,

a good count of 25 Turkey Vultures


and all three expectable falcons (American Kestrel, Merlin & Peregrine Falcon) including this Merlin eating what appears to be a junco!


86 Sandhill Cranes were counted (still migrating), an Oregon subspecies Dark-eyed Junco came to the feeders, a whopping 1168 Rusty Blackbirds flew by, a flock of 84 Greater White-fronted Geese flew by, 30 Tundra Swans flew west far inland & 2 Mute Swans flew east over the lake, and

Bonaparte’s Gulls were resting on the beach in the morning.


Even though only one new species was added today, check out this excellent list!

Below are a few additional pictures from today…


Northern Flicker



Brown Thrasher



Eastern Bluebird


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