Reviewing this April… and today.

This April, 129 species of birds were found by the tower.  By April 30th, the tower’s year list was at 137; now that May is about a week old, it is at 193.  Totaling only the days I was at the tower in April, 57,450 birds were counted.

Today winds were light and out of the south.  75 species were found by the tower today.  Some highlights include: The Prairie Warbler that appears to be on territory, Lark Sparrow, 2 Summer Tanagers, a Blue Grosbeak, and a Red Crossbill.


Some of the nice numbers from today include: 37 Eastern Kingbirds, 1,208 Blue Jays, 42 Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, 41 Indigo Buntings, & 57 Baltimore Orioles.

Here is today’s complete list…


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