Wrapping up the 2nd week of May.

On Tuesday, a Red Crossbill made an appearance at the tower.  Red Crossbills have several different types that can be distinguished if their vocalizations are recorded and analyzed.  Most if not all of the crossbills that passed the tower this Spring were type 2, the most frequent type in this part of the country.  Tuesday’s was identified as a type 4.  According to eBird, the only records of type 4 in Indiana were a number of observations that occurred in the Fall of 2017 here at Indiana Dunes State Park.

On Friday, an afternoon count was done.  Highlights included: the continuing Northern Bobwhite, a single flock of 21 Great Egrets (this number tied the all time high count for this site), a total of at least 5 American Woodcocks displaying, 1 Common Nighthawk, a late Dark-eyed Junco, & a Summer Tanager.  Some pictures were taken of the Junco, Tanager, and the local Eastern Kingbirds…






Here is the list from Friday afternoon.

Today, 65 species were observed from the tower, one was a new one for the year, Willow Flycatcher.  Other highlights included: the Northern Bobwhite, a Peregrine Falcon, the continuing Prairie Warbler, and a Lark Sparrow that visited the feeders.

Below are some pictures of the Bobwhite, Lark Sparrow, and a Lincoln’s Sparrow with White-crowned Sparrows.





Here is this morning‘s complete list.



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