After the storm.

Winds were good and southerly today, however two severe thunderstorms passed by from the west this morning.  Normally the morning flight of birds starts right after sunrise, but today it seemed like the morning flight didn’t begin until after the first storm.  At least 71 species were identified from the tower today, and 2,373 individual birds were counted.  Two of today’s species were new for the year at this site; Veery & Canada Warbler.  The tower’s year list is now 199.  I wonder what the 200th year bird will be!

The Northern Bobwhite that has been living here for a few days is still around, and a Forster’s Tern was seen.


Some of the fun counts from today include: 789 Blue Jays, 371 Cedar Waxwings, 10 Tennessee Warblers (a new all time high count for the tower), 43 Indigo Buntings (highest count of them here in 2018 so far), 86 Baltimore Orioles (highest count here in 2018), 152 American Goldfinches, & 220 Pine Siskins.  Yes, there are still many Pine Siskins to be counted!

The complete list from today can be viewed here…


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