Is John Wayne in this one?

Today there were south winds for the first time in a number of days, and there was a decent push of birds.  73 species were found at the tower today, 2 were new for the year.  The new species for the year were Western Meadowlark & Western Kingbird, a real western combo!  The Meadowlark sang a few times from the blowout briefly, and the Kingbird flew east along the lakeshore.

Other highlights today were:

A Common Loon


An Olive-sided Flycatcher was found, this species was new for the year here yesterday.  There were also: 7 Semipalmated Plovers, & a Black-billed Cuckoo.

Some of the fun counts from today include: 43 Eastern Kingbirds, 422 Blue Jays, 1042 Cedar Waxwings, & 11 Pine Siskins.  Yes there are still Pine Siskins around; they’re highest numbers usually fly by here in early May, but it looks like there’s more to go.  Large numbers of Cedar Waxwings & the wide variety of flycatcher species that have been around really indicate that were are near the end of May.  There will probably be waxwing counts way higher than today’s within about a week.

Here are today’s & yesterday’s complete lists.

5/23/2018      5/24/2018


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