Cusp of Neotropical Madness

As you've no doubt seen we haven't had much an opportunity to post much the last few days.  Consistent north winds have all but essentially shut down visible migration from the tower site.  To date however, 194 species have been logged at the tower this season.  We've already exceeded last year's total individual count by … Continue reading Cusp of Neotropical Madness


75 Species on a Beautiful Day

Today's (4/6/19) longshore flight was greeted with much cooler temperatures then predicted (44 vs forecasted 50 degrees).  The result brought a dense fog advisory to the lakefront area.  At dawn, low fog hung in the prairie valleys and along the lake.  Despite this it was a beautiful sunrise that burned the fog off until the … Continue reading 75 Species on a Beautiful Day

Predicting Mid-week Movement

With roaring north winds going on now, much of the early spring migration has been put to an abrupt halt.  Winds this morning were coming from the NE, with steady winds pushing in excess of 20 mph.  It made for a pretty cold day near the beach. But inland sun did warm the areas 10 … Continue reading Predicting Mid-week Movement

18,000 Bird Morning!

  As the lions or lambs of March goes out and April slides in, we finally had the first major south wind push of the season.  Winds this morning, were nearly due south, slightly SW.  Mostly cloudy skies gave way to full cloudiness and eventually rain by 9am. But in the 2 hr 40 minutes of … Continue reading 18,000 Bird Morning!

Spring Training

The 2018 Longshore Flight Survey is set to begin soon!  This year marks the 6th year of counting atop the old "Green Tower" site at Indiana Dunes State Park.  Thus far we have identified 1.2 million birds as they migrate north and out of Indiana. For the first five years we were lucky to have … Continue reading Spring Training

Quick May Update

Greetings, Our apologies for the delayed postings.  With the Dunes Birding Festival and general spring bird craziness, we've not had a chance to give an update recently.  As most know, the north winds have set up a block and really slowed down migration here in the dunes.  Many neo-tropical migrants have been delayed up to … Continue reading Quick May Update

Chimney Swift Chaos

After a brutal cold and rainy weekend, overnight south winds helped push another wave of birds into the dunes late last night and into the morning.  As is such, we were out today to do another longshore flight.  The current forecast the coming week doesn't look so good for longshore counting, so we were eager … Continue reading Chimney Swift Chaos