A Good Friday Count!

Today, Friday April 14 saw the return of another moderate flight of birds over the dunes.  Though winds were east overnight, they quickly turned southeast after dawn, which served to facilitate some migration today.  The icterid flight was lower than has been seen in recent weeks, but when combined with the overall diversity of birds, it … Continue reading A Good Friday Count!


East Wind Hawkflight

If large totals have seemed lacking this spring, you're not alone in that observation.  The season's longshore flight has been noticably absent of 20,000 or 30,000 bird mornings.  The biggest culprit likely lies with the lack of south winds.  After a super warm February, March has been averaging 6 degrees cooler than last March.  The … Continue reading East Wind Hawkflight

Bonanza of New Arrivals

With real south winds overnight, not those pesudo southeast imposters, a good movement of bird arrived in the dunes.  With dawn before 6am, and a beautiful spring dune scene unfolding, new songs could be heard all around.  As expected, the longshore flight benefited with by producing the highest species total for the season.    The … Continue reading Bonanza of New Arrivals

An Old Fashioned Dunes Hawk Watch!

Sunday, April 24, saw the return of another dunes longshore flight count after two days of unpleasant weather.  Winds were late to turn to the south, finally shifting after midnight, resulting in the sunrise temperature being a chilly 49 degrees as the south winds started picking up.  As such, little arrived as far as new … Continue reading An Old Fashioned Dunes Hawk Watch!

Easter Birds and Counting Primer

The longshore flight for the last two days continued with the light south winds present.  However, the flight has not been what one would expect this time of year.  The birds have been much more similar in numbers to the cold 2014 season count.  Longshore flight counts occurred on both Saturday, April 4 and Sunday, … Continue reading Easter Birds and Counting Primer

Swainson’s Hawk!

Warm air and humidity spilled into the region today and allowed a few good birds to slip into the area.  Unfortunately, the 5 day forecast doesn't look too good for any huge influxes of migrating birds.  But, today's dune daily download will likely keep the area habitats with worthy birds to seek out through the … Continue reading Swainson’s Hawk!

Easter Egg Hunt

From atop the Dunes Bird Observation Platform, anyone visiting today had a pleasant bird's eye view of a beautiful early spring dune landscape.  Off in the distance daffodils are flowering in front yards and children are exhibiting a high addiction to a plastic colored egg.  Back at the park, a steady stream of Easter weekend … Continue reading Easter Egg Hunt

Raptor River over the Dunes

After two days off, south winds returned for another longshore flight today, April 16th.  During the break, another cold spell swept through.  Birders Tuesday morning awoke to an inch of snow.  I guess at this point we shrug it off.  Given the winter we've had, we kind of expected to see snow in April too. … Continue reading Raptor River over the Dunes

More Flicker Madness

Saturday, April 12 was the spring day offered up to dunelanders in exchange for all the cold and dreary spring days that had been delivered thus far.  With a light breeze at dawn, and warm temperatures, it was a day where just about anything could pass by.By the end of the day, it was a … Continue reading More Flicker Madness

100,000+ for 2014

Monday, March 31 was a spectacular longshore flight day.  From dawn through mid afternoon the tower site was abuzz with bird migration.  It was also the warmest day of the season, and the first day this year to reach 60 degrees on the lakeshore.  South winds poured over the dunes throughout the night setting up … Continue reading 100,000+ for 2014