Misty Morning

The last of the south winds pushed through the area on Thursday.  As usual just before the cold front, rain was in the forecast.  At dawn the first wave of rain was out of the area and to the east, a nice southern wind was dominating still.  However, a light, fine mist was still hanging … Continue reading Misty Morning


Longshore Flight- April 20

Here's a quick update on the unique flight recorded yesterday, April 20.  The day was much windier than we've had of late.  Highs were in the low 70s, with 20 mph winds from the SE.  Most incredible was the first real hawk flight of the season!  For the day, 64 species making up 5,836 individual … Continue reading Longshore Flight- April 20

Flames Up… Temperature Down…

Today, April 19, brought a stark contrast to the previous few days.  Clouds rolled in overnight, and morning lows generally failed to warm along the lakeshore, but as seen by the accompanying wind map, the angle and direction is everything.  Just farther south, winds being carried over land warmed areas south of here.  The mid-day … Continue reading Flames Up… Temperature Down…

Diminishing Returns of Migration

Monday, April 18 saw the fifth consecutive day of longshore counting. Overnight lows stayed a mild 57 degrees and warmed to a stifling 87 degrees in town.  Fortunately, a north lake breeze right at the shore and tower site helped to temper the heat, but the winds were light enough that the cooling winds did … Continue reading Diminishing Returns of Migration

Heat Wave!

Just one week after unseasonably cold temperatures and snow, we've now been in the embrace of very warm and dry air.  Today's temperature again topped out at 80 degrees with mid 80s being seen a little farther south from the lakefront.  Dawn's 57 degrees was a sign of the warm day that would follow.  With … Continue reading Heat Wave!

Group Effort

The longshore flight continued again for the fourth consecutive morning of climbing temperatures.  Today winds finally shifted a little more southerly than easterly allowing for 80 degree temperatures and a little better longshore flight compared to yesterday.  For the day, 4,607 birds flew past the tower site today, comprising 78 species, a tie with our … Continue reading Group Effort

South Winds Flanked

As predicted, southern winds began to waft in early Wednesday morning.  The day started cold, well below freezing, but soon warmed to the upper 50s.  Similarly, today, Thursday ,April 14 also began chilly (35 degrees) and also warmed with slightly stronger winds.  The winds the last few days have been unusually oriented from the east, … Continue reading South Winds Flanked

Migration V.5

Monday, April 11 found warmer temperatures than the weekend previous.  It also found west winds, as opposed to the forecasted north winds that were supposed to be here at dawn.  With this little reprieve before the winds actually shifted, a weak migration occurred, totaling just 17 birds shy of 1,000 counted today.  More promising however, … Continue reading Migration V.5

C’mon Clipper!

If you've haven't read a good update from us in a while, there's good reason.  We're certainly not slacking on the reporting.  Unfortunately, we have nothing to report.  While birders scouring the dunes area may find some newly arriving birds trickling in, without south winds, the longshore flights are pretty much dead.  When good mornings … Continue reading C’mon Clipper!

Run Turkey Run!

The beginning of March seems like a distant memory already.  Some 31 days have now passed as we turn the page to April. Memory has now faded as to whether March came in like a lion or a lamb, but today is much fresher.  The weather was very lion like, but the birds were a … Continue reading Run Turkey Run!