A Good Friday Count!

Today, Friday April 14 saw the return of another moderate flight of birds over the dunes.  Though winds were east overnight, they quickly turned southeast after dawn, which served to facilitate some migration today.  The icterid flight was lower than has been seen in recent weeks, but when combined with the overall diversity of birds, it … Continue reading A Good Friday Count!


Bonanza of New Arrivals

With real south winds overnight, not those pesudo southeast imposters, a good movement of bird arrived in the dunes.  With dawn before 6am, and a beautiful spring dune scene unfolding, new songs could be heard all around.  As expected, the longshore flight benefited with by producing the highest species total for the season.    The … Continue reading Bonanza of New Arrivals

Little Bits of Blue

With lingering fog burning off and high humidity, today looked to be a much different weather day in the dunes.  Highs hit 70 degrees and a light southerly breeze made it actually feel hot by mid day.  It was hot enough that among first season birds, the beach filled with the first bikinis and sunbathers. … Continue reading Little Bits of Blue

Longshore Flight, April 21, 2013

Today, April 21, was downright cold at dawn!  With thermometers recording well below 32 degrees, it felt nothing like a late April morning should feel.  Last night's shift of east winds to southeast never materialized in time. From forecast to actual, there was about a 6-8 hour lag time.  Winds began to drift southeast around … Continue reading Longshore Flight, April 21, 2013