After a weekend of north winds, the longshore survey at Indiana Dunes State Park has been ready for action again.  Monday brought virtually no flight, as winds remained north overnight, just shifting to east and then southeast during the day.  Which led today and tomorrow and the best chance for some major influx of birds … Continue reading FISH CROW!


A Tale of Two Loons

April greeted the dunes to a few days of spring weather this past weekend.  The southerly winds extended into today (Monday) to allow for two countable days of longshore flights.  Though Saturday had the sunny skies, the south winds failed to shift to the south until nightfall, thus the count was much lower than it … Continue reading A Tale of Two Loons

Longshore Flight- March 23

Sunrise this morning was greeted with a stationary front draped just south of the dunes.  Any south winds hit a wall before the lake, while north winds backed behind the front.  Thus, despite the diverse early season 64 species, only 1,646 birds were logged today.  The highlights today were 8 Long-tailed Ducks, the season's first … Continue reading Longshore Flight- March 23

Aerial Flyers Only!

After a turbulent night, the longshore flight for Friday, April 10 was restricted to a select few.  Despite hoping for a more fruitful flight, this morning was greeted to strong, gusting west winds.  The skies were clouded and it looked almost gloomy.  The overnight brought howling winds, damaging storms, and even tornadoes to the west … Continue reading Aerial Flyers Only!

The Longshore Mixed Bag

Another longshore flight, another video for you today!  Today, April 17, brought a little rebound in both temperatures and total number of birds.  For the day 67 species totalling 4,549 birds were counted.  It was a little mixed bag of birds today.  A little highlight from each bird group. From the lake, 9 lingering  White-winged … Continue reading The Longshore Mixed Bag

Breaking (Bad) Ice

Hints of spring continue to do battle with winter's foot hold.  Spring rains melt and break up months old ice, and the ever present theme of change continues to amaze and astound this writer.  As goes the quote, changes in nature, change your nature.   So the seasons roll. A brief longshore flight did occur … Continue reading Breaking (Bad) Ice

Hotel California

Even with two full (official) longshore flight years under our belt, things continue to surprise you.  The unexpected is what spurs most birders out each day or week.  Numbers can fluctuate from day to day.  Today's longshore flight count was a notable rebound from the first day of the season, with more than 10 times … Continue reading Hotel California

An Icy 300 To Start

The third season of the Indiana Dunes Longshore Flight Count commenced today.  This new season takes place an additional 20 feet in elevation, from atop the new Bird Observation Platform.  This new season started with one defining word.... COLD!  This morning's count started at a bone chilling 19 degrees, despite the south winds blowing across … Continue reading An Icy 300 To Start

Traffic Jam of Birds

North winds returned to the dunes today.  The first of two cold fronts dropped in overnight, bringing gusting winds of 20 mph off of the lake.  By dawn, the waves were roaring, temperatures had dropped significantly from yesterday and fog could be seen building offshore.  There would be no longshore flight today.  An amazing difference … Continue reading Traffic Jam of Birds