Predicting Mid-week Movement

With roaring north winds going on now, much of the early spring migration has been put to an abrupt halt.  Winds this morning were coming from the NE, with steady winds pushing in excess of 20 mph.  It made for a pretty cold day near the beach. But inland sun did warm the areas 10 … Continue reading Predicting Mid-week Movement

Butter Butt Influx

Happy Easter.  No longshore flight officially is taking place today due to the holiday. However, Saturday, April 15th brought a very warm day to the dunes and is worth reporting.  Overnight spotty storms and south winds created a warm wind at dawn that increased through the day.  Like a good Saturday does, a contingent of … Continue reading Butter Butt Influx

Migration Returns!

After a nearly two week hiatus, migration returned in style today.  It's only fitting that this occurs today, as we write our 200th blog post since we began documenting the longshore morning bird flight over 3 seasons ago.  With warm south winds, conditions were ripe for the first waves to enter the dunes.  Conditions were … Continue reading Migration Returns!

250,000 birds! … but not done yet.

The longshore flight continues.  Despite the warming weather, leafing trees, and all the signs of Memorial Day and the start of the summer season, there are still thousands of birds that will be logged from the platform before we call spring migration finished.  Today's count of 2,295 birds helped push the season count to 250,000 … Continue reading 250,000 birds! … but not done yet.

Warbler Mania

The Indiana Dunes warbler peak can be manic, yet subtle.  An explosion of sounds and active motion in the bush and overhead.  You look to your right and left, but see no others.  You're left with fish tales to tell of warblers dripping from the trees.  No elbow to elbow crowds, like seen in other … Continue reading Warbler Mania

Lake Michigan Neotropical Madness!

May 8 was the little longshore flight that could.  Under steamy conditions and a strong south gale, passerines streamed out of areas to our south in search of bug infested zones to raise their young.  May 8 was also the longshore flight that just came short of some record breaking counts.  To come second or … Continue reading Lake Michigan Neotropical Madness!

Gotta Love Those Flyways!

Last night, as predicted, a large movement of neo-tropical birds moved through Indiana, and brought the most diverse longshore flight of the season.  It was also the first day this season to surpass 100 species in one morning.  Today's flight brought 2,743 birds of 102 species. When large flights are predicted, you can also predict … Continue reading Gotta Love Those Flyways!

Tail Wagging Warblers

Today's longshore flight brought another good day of migration.  Despite the east winds, with northerly tendencies (especially after noon) the day ended being the best flight of the season and sixth best of all time according to the Grube Magnitude index (65.80 specifically).   88 species, making up 2,790 birds were logged today.  Warblers were … Continue reading Tail Wagging Warblers

Birdathon Time! aka. mom and dad, please send money!

The first week of May and her wild swings of weather fits seems to be settling down a bit and may actually reward us for all we've waited for this past two months.  If the forecast is right, some warm southerly winds may envelope us for an extended period, beginning as early as Wednesday.  South … Continue reading Birdathon Time! aka. mom and dad, please send money!

Wrapping up April

April 30 continued the third straight day of warm, moist air blowing in.  Birds have been forced to dodge rain storms, but a stalled out front has allowed for continuing migration, while overnight radar to our west show a shutdown system.  The last few days have been a nice save to another cold month.  While … Continue reading Wrapping up April