Cusp of Neotropical Madness

As you've no doubt seen we haven't had much an opportunity to post much the last few days.  Consistent north winds have all but essentially shut down visible migration from the tower site.  To date however, 194 species have been logged at the tower this season.  We've already exceeded last year's total individual count by … Continue reading Cusp of Neotropical Madness


Predicting Mid-week Movement

With roaring north winds going on now, much of the early spring migration has been put to an abrupt halt.  Winds this morning were coming from the NE, with steady winds pushing in excess of 20 mph.  It made for a pretty cold day near the beach. But inland sun did warm the areas 10 … Continue reading Predicting Mid-week Movement

Quick May Update

Greetings, Our apologies for the delayed postings.  With the Dunes Birding Festival and general spring bird craziness, we've not had a chance to give an update recently.  As most know, the north winds have set up a block and really slowed down migration here in the dunes.  Many neo-tropical migrants have been delayed up to … Continue reading Quick May Update

false start- 5 yard penalty

After a stellar pre season start with early migrating birds in February, March has brought some weather pretty anti-conducive to migration.  In fact, we've only done official longshore flight counts on March 5, March 6, March 8, and March 12 since the lions of March entered. The current forecast does not look to stellar for … Continue reading false start- 5 yard penalty

Stand Still- rarities coming!

Well it's been a quiet week at Lake Michigan, Indiana, our hometown, out on the edge of the migration.  Things got a little colder here this last week.  While Sunday and Monday brought a mini heat wave and the pulse of migrants, a strong north wind clipper quickly shut off that valve Tuesday morning.  Fortunately … Continue reading Stand Still- rarities coming!

Flames Up… Temperature Down…

Today, April 19, brought a stark contrast to the previous few days.  Clouds rolled in overnight, and morning lows generally failed to warm along the lakeshore, but as seen by the accompanying wind map, the angle and direction is everything.  Just farther south, winds being carried over land warmed areas south of here.  The mid-day … Continue reading Flames Up… Temperature Down…

C’mon Clipper!

If you've haven't read a good update from us in a while, there's good reason.  We're certainly not slacking on the reporting.  Unfortunately, we have nothing to report.  While birders scouring the dunes area may find some newly arriving birds trickling in, without south winds, the longshore flights are pretty much dead.  When good mornings … Continue reading C’mon Clipper!

It’s on!

Just a quick update for everyone! The north winds that have persisted since April 20 are about to finally depart.  We have nearly a week of straight south winds coming that will seriously amplify the bird migration in the dunes.  While other sites to our south have enjoyed a trickling of good birds, particularly south … Continue reading It’s on!

Preparing for the Festival

Reporting from atop the bone cold birding tower today, there's not a bird in sight.  In the past we've gone stretches where fronts park themself in the right spot and the dunes become the recipent of north winds for extended periods.  In March these spells reduce our blackbird and grackle count, in April, many new … Continue reading Preparing for the Festival